Today I'm here to tell you our story and how it all began... One year ago, I went to Web Summit, and I had no idea that it would be a journey that would change my life.

In Lisbon I met with a group of friends, in which there was a former trainer of mine, that I had met in an Advanced Facebook Marketing course in Nera (Loulé, Algarve), Jorge Cabaço. This guy is known for being always a positive and uplifting person, and one of the few digital marketing experts in the Algarve (his students call him Guru!). So he was a nice person to hang with, and our group had a fun time during Web Summit (and Night Summit also). 


During Web Summit, most of our time was spent attending conferences, between main stage (Meo Arena) and PandaConf, the marketing stage. And was there at PandaConf that I challenged Jorge to work together in organizing a Marketing Conference back home in the Algarve. Jorge had talked previously with Ana Mendes, a well known Facebook specialist, and Pedro Caramez, the LinkedIn expert in Portugal, and he was trying to convince them to come to organize trainings in the Algarve.

So I asked Jorge, if instead of having several small training events, we could organize together a bigger event, a Conference like PandaConf. I felt confident to do that because I worked for 9 years in health marketing, and organized several kinds of events and conferences.

We agreed to do some things differently than Web Summit, for example adding Q&A's from the audience, so that participants would get the chance to ask questions to the speakers. We decided also to find the best entrepreneurs on our region to present their case studies and share their knowledge and ideas. He said "Let's go!" and we started to work right away.

Two weeks after, we had a name, a logo and were negociating venues and sponsors. On December 1st 2016 we sat at a café and we designed a programme, our "dream programme", with the speakers and topics that we would like to have at our Conference. And guess what, everyone got on board with our plans!

We built our website and started to sell tickets during December, and for that we asked help and our team grew from 2 to 4, with Jorge's wife, Sílvia, our accountant, and my husband, João, our ticket manager. 

In less than 3 months, from the idea to the execution, we gathered 350 atendees, more than the first edition of Web Summit, can you believe it?

SHARE Algarve was a huge success, and I feel so proud of our achievements. And I have to say, I don't only like the results, I love the process and I feel excited to organize the next one! :)

Also, I have to SHARE with you, the talk that changed my life at Web Summit last year, from Gary Vaynerchuk

I hope you enjoyed getting to know how SHARE Algarve started! :)


Rita Sampaio