Accreditation beggins at 8h30 




09h30 » Opening Ceremony
Rita Sampaio, Jorge Cabaço, Cristina Borges

10h00 » “How to engage a Loyal Community on Facebook with Live and a Bot
Ana Mendes

10h30 » PANEL “Data Intelligence in Marketing
Nuno António, Elisabeth Fernandes,  Juan Pablo Correia (Mod.)

11h00 » Coffee-break

11h30 » “Is your business ready for a real Digital Transformation?
Miguel Fernandes

12h00 » "The New General Data Protection Regulation – prepared for the changes?"
Carmen Baptista Rosa


14h30 » “Innovative Digital Marketing Activation using VR and Simulators - Business Cases with Global Brands
Haroldo Sato

15h00 » PANEL “Hospitality & Tourism - Loyalty beyond reason
Henrique Pires, João Ministro, Cristina Borges (Mod.)

15h30 » Coffee-break

16h00 » “The Brands' New World
Nuno Tenazinha

16h30 » PANEL "Golf Marketing"
Miklós Breitner, José Ferreira, Hugo Assunção Ribeiro (Mod.)

17h00 » ”Get Personal! Branding in 2018“ 
Daria Vodopianova

17h30 » Closing remarks
Rita Sampaio, Jorge Cabaço

Wine Tasting powered by Quinta do Barranco Longo



09h50 » Opening Remarks
Rita Sampaio, Jorge Cabaço

10h00 » “Conversion Strategies for Affiliate Marketers
Paulo Faustino

10h30 » PANEL "How digital influencers are reshaping marketing
Carolina Afonso, Janine Medeira, Martim Mariano (Mod.)

11h00 » Coffee-break

11h30 » "Building a Client - Brand relationship using Marketing Automation
Pedro Cochofel Holzer

12h00 » "How an omnichannel approach improves online sales
Vera Maia


14h30 » "Future of UI/UX" 
Ignácio Correia

15h00 » PANEL “What’s Next?  Innovation. in Social Media
Luciano Larrossa, André Novais de Paula, Frederico Carvalho (Mod.)

15h30 » Coffee-break

16h00 » “Relevance isn't enough” 
André Laurentino

16h30 » "Direct bookings in an OTA-driven era: Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Case Study
Alfonso Rubio

17h00 » "Facebook Ads: How to work WITH the algorithm" 
Dennis Yu + Logan Young

17h50 » Closing remarks
Rita Sampaio, Jorge Cabaço


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