Data Scientist - Público



Elisabeth Fernandes is a strategic, data-oriented digital executive with proven experience in Retail, Media and Hospitality sectors. Driven by challenges, commercially minded, a business problem solver, passionate for technology and always focused in achieve goals. 

She started her professional career in a research project developing advanced algorithms (in R) for find trends, patterns and events in data. Then, she had valuable experiences as analyst in a market research company, as university professor and as manager in a group of companies (hospitality and retail).

During the last 2 years, she was data scientist at Público Media & News, she worked as analyst at Quinta do Lago Resort and now she is responsible for the analytics department at Público Media & News.

With strategic thinking, operation, organization and data management skills she supports all departments turning data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.

She is used to work with senior executives from across all departments in a company to define key metrics and implementing a more data-driven culture. 

Nowadays, she is developing a PhD investigation in Data science, in the free time she does cross-stitch and she hikes in the mountain!

Blog: https://datamathstat.wordpress.com/